Into the Receptive Female Power – Women Circle Retreat by Uma 27.-30.7.17


Uma and The Alchemy of love invites you to:

∞ Into the Receptive Female Power – Women Circle Retreat ∞

A Deepening into THE SACRED WOMB

A 3 day retreat, women immersion process, into healing, sacred sexuality and energy work.

This is an open invitation to join together and to deepen our communion with our divine feminine power through our receptive channel, the womb, and give it a voice.

Together we will create a safe container and be in touch with the elements of the ”Alchemy of love” and supported by SE® somatic shock and trauma release techniques, Self inquiry, meditation, Tantra Kriya breath work, Dhara yoga and polarity work for the ignition of the receptive female power. We will create a circle of love and we will nourish and enrich ourselves calling around the fire to the night moon, praying, chanting, drumming and story telling.

We will dive deeply into our path, our life’s purpose and our true feminine nature. We will be exploring the essential female qualities rooted in our very being and work towards an embodiment of these latent and strong energies. Calling to our ancient mothers of wisdom, our female lineage, so that we can reconnect to our greatest gifts and the life force that we have inherited from them.


We will explore in our womb, our Hara, in our receptive nature daring to see, to feel, to perceive and to sense what needs to be recognized and completed in the Circle of Life.

For this, we will bring our shadow into the light and discover what stops us from embracing our full feminine power, our expression of love, values and our life purpose. We will develop understanding and exploring our ego structure & its shadow aspects in us and in the light, we will explore what your heart and passion is telling you, for later interconnecting your “essence qualities” and rediscover in the heart your life purpose to manifest in this lifetime.

Once our duality and polarity has come into Being we will weave a connection to our Mother Earth with greater understanding of our receptive female nature and heart, personality, eros and our energetic life force. We will feel and recognize in ourselves the different levels of our Being; physical, mental, emotional, energetic and astral, that are in constant interaction and in that process come to know our receptive, powerful womanhood.

I invite you to be curious, to freely express and observe the elemental dance in the creation of your experience and in the discovering of your true essence qualities of love -ready to manifest your divine feminine potential.


”Into the Receptive Female Power” (part One)
Women Circle Retreat by Uma
Date: 27-30 July 2017
Place: Luova Kasvu community, Espoo
Starts: Thursday 15.00 and finishes Sunday 15.00

Luova Kasvu people open their home to us for this immersion deepening in our souls. A beautiful place that is receptive in itself and surrounded by the beautiful nature and elements. Possibility for sauna and lake. We have it all!

– Early bird 350€ -first 5 places registered and paid by 10th July
– Standard price 390€
The price includes the course, all meals and a matress bed (patja) in a simple shared room.

Accommodation in a simple shared room on mattressess on the floor. Blankets and pillows on the house. If you can, please bring your own sheets and towels. Also a sleeping bag is very useful!

Request and fill in registration form and send it back to:

You will then be having a 30 min personal interview with Uma for further inquiries and intentions for the course.

Once your place is confirmed you will received an invoice and can proceed to make payment on
Paypal account:
With your name and “RFP-finland”, send confirmation payment.

Please, do not make payment until your place has been confirmed .

*Course limited. Early booking highly recommended!


– A stone ( your woumb size)
– An significant object from your female line ..
– Saran ( red if you can )
– Comfortable clothing
– Flowers
– Candle
– Water bottle
– Notebook
– Yoga mat and cushion – blanket (also on the house, if you cant bring your own)

– Leader Uma Armengol +4791157942,
– Luova Kasvu person Elina Perttola 044 518 2511,

Uma was born and raised in central Mexico, a shamanic arid land of terra-red-copper tones and magnetic beauty. Uma considers herself a desert flower in search of water to grow in love and this has lead to her travelling intensively for the last sixteen years living, working and experiencing nine countries and many cultures.
She is passionate about cross cultural communication and creating bridges for human integration.

She stands as firm caretaker of Mother Earth and the restoration of the Female and the Male authentic natural Power that in mutual co-creation can maintain sustainable world, inclusion, harmony, integrity, and responsibility. She believes in love in action and inner freedom and peace .

During her long travel she discovered her passion for exploration and was initiated into the fields of human sexuality and the relationship to Self. She is particularly skilled in working with the influences of social and collective conditioning that prevent the individual from developing inner freedom, unconditional love, self acceptance and compassion.

She has trained in Relational Transactional Analysis Counselling and Psychotherapy in one of London’s finest institutions. Later deepening her skills in Somatic Sexological Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing trauma healing , Osho Body Therapy (including Gestalt, Transpersonal and Existential Therapy) , Active Meditation, Family Constellations Therapy and Essence Work. She has gained European recognition as a gifted, highly skilled, sensitive and trusted therapist.

Her research has continued further into the exploration of how the flow of life force is interrupted by burnout, depression and sexual trauma. This has led her into sexological bodywork, energy work, erotology studies, tantra therapy, somatic massage, sacred sexuality, ritualism and shamanism .

Her journey is continually inspired by her pursuit of expansion and reconnection to life and spiritual liberation, finding deeper understanding of our human vulnerability, longings and needs for fulfillment.

Her relational therapeutic approach is directed towards intimacy, sexual healing, polarity energy work and shock and trauma. In that, she provides support and facilitating tools for healing and reclaiming authentic intimacy, love and pleasure which is our natural birth right.

Her work is a fusion of many elements that she has integrated from her learning with many wise and experienced teachers around the world. This life’s work has given her a deep understanding of the path of meditation and love, the essence, the healing and the creation of alchemy of love in all of us.

Her practice is based in the Unity Centre in Oslo and she gives regular workshops and private consultations in Stockholm, Helsinki, London and Amsterdam.

Elina lives in Luova Kasvu and works as a clown, a fascilitator and a performer on physical theater field. She is open to explore her femininity and sexuality as well as her whole human being with a lot of curiosity, humbleness and joy. She believes, that the wounds once born in a relationship can only be cured in a relationship and thats why coming together like this is essential for healing.

Further enquiries are invited to contact Uma or Elina directly.
Mobile: 00 47 91157942
Skype: armengolnino

mobile Elina: 044 518 2511